Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Adventures in Duckfarming: Part 4

I’ve been sort of slack on my duck-reporting!
Remember the Duckmistress?
Well, here is the most recent shot of her darling brood!
Aren’t they cute?
The plumage has really gotten so much more colorful since their days of ducklinghood. Now they are pretty much all growed-up.
Flying all over the place.
Sometimes swooping down for a group landing and deciding at the last second that they did not have proper runway clearance. Up they go again, to re-calibrate their instruments… descend, and finally touch down, tumble a bit, and then strut around looking at each other with that pompous “Nothing to it” look on their beaks!

Apparently, one of the females did not return from the flight last night. She is still AWOL, the truant little thing.
And the last time she returned from such a stunt her mascara was all smeared up, she was walking a bit funny, and positively reeking of cologne! The wayward thing!
The Duckmistress is worried, as are these five remaining do-gooders.

Here are some former duckblogs.
Ahh… they grow up so fast!


stefanie said...

The babies are all grown up and leaving the nest! Hopefully the duckmistress will not suffer from empty nest syndrome.

cipriano said...

I think she will be sad when they fly away.