Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Twice Daily

Thank you for your concern about Jack.
Some have written to me [email], and some [below] have commented on today’s Splash!
Jack says, "Meow!"
I spent the entire morning with Jack at the vet’s. Let’s just say…. it was a lucrative venture. → For the pet hospital!
But, having said that, if what Dr. Ellison prescribed for Jack works out, it is worth it all.
Truth is, I am at my wit’s end. I mean, what is the next step?
Some guy on a phone-in line, with his hand on the screen, as Jack extends his paw toward the TV? “I see you Jack! Oh, yes! I see that paw! Just believe! Just belieeeeeeeve! [and send money!]”
I missed a full day of work today, over cat issues. See, I am scheduled on a flight out of Dodge, like…. tomorrow night, basically. Time is of the essence.
Today, I was almost going to cancel my entire Christmas holidays. I was in the waiting room, literally pacing [I’m not kidding!]
Then the doctor came out, and told me that the news is not as bad as it could be. Jack does not have “crystals” [as of yet] but he does have a bladder infection, and with the proper treatment, he will most likely make a good recovery. Treatment consists of a tablet of Clamavox, twice daily, for 14 days.
And some Phenoxybenzamine [...ahhh! Memories of high school!]…. also twice daily. Along with the dope, I had to buy a bag of the most expensive cat food that has ever been sold on the face of the earth.
I’m thinking of cooking some of it up for myself.

Or putting it in a big bowl and not telling guests.
"Wow, Cip! Awesome party snacks!"

My professional catsitter is now going to be making way more money from me, than was originally planned.
The "once every two days" dramatically changed today, to TWICE DAILY!
I am going to be bankrupt!

[All donations welcome! There, that's my own televangelist bit!]

Aside from this news about Jack, I am reading The Fountainhead, and loving it, thus far.
Thank you for your thoughts, toward a fully recovered Jack!



Anonymous said...

Glad Jack will be ok. And you've helped your vet have a merry Christmas. I rarely get out of the vet when I take my cat in with anything less than a car payment's worth of expense. But they're worth it, our cats I mean :)

Isabella K said...

Poor kitty! Poor you!

I went through a similar ordeal with my cat some 10 years ago — the bad timing, lost work time, the pacing. Only he DID have crystals and was hospitalized for a couple days. But 10 years later, on a steady diet of the most expensive cat food ever, he is in fine form. This to say, you'll get through this.