Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Hunting Video EVER!

Relax, animal lovers everywhere! I am an animal lover, too!
The only way I would ever shoot an animal is if it was going to shoot me first, and even then I would first try negotiating. This video is good, trust me!
I am thinking about hunting for several reasons.
Firstly, I am currently in frozen-frosty Saskatchewan, on my Christmas holidays. This is hunting country. It is so cold out today [minus 51 degrees Celsius, which is way colder than Fahrenheit, my Yankee friends] and I am thinking of all the animals that are left outside today.
Secondly, I am visiting my brother and he is, [among having other severe character flaws] guilty of being a prolific hunter. Shame on him! [However, I myself have been guilty of eating the odd venison-burger freshly sizzling from off his barbecue, mmm…. yummy. I hereby apologize to all deers currently freezing their keesters off this afternoon!]
Thirdly, I am still reading this wonderful book by Alissa York, called Effigy. And the pages of Effigy are filled with accounts of animals being killed simply for the sake of taxidermy.
So, without further ado, I present to you a really great video, in which NO MAJESTIC ANIMALS WERE HARMED.
And wherein one severely frustrated hunter was….. severely frustrated.
See, here’s the deal -- well, just watch the thing while I keep blabbing….

See, this hunter only has a tag for a buck. And this is a cow.
For those of you who are really hunter-lingo-challenged I am not referring to money matters or the producers of cereal milk. No. → This hunter is only allowed to brutally murder a male moose, and by golly here’s a girl moose calmly getting so close to his weapon of mass destruction that he could have reached out and tweaked her nose!
So, due to legal restrictions Mrs. Bullwinkle lives for another day! Hurray!
But, too bad she has to live outside! ‘Specially on a day like today!



Beth said...

And Mrs. Bullwinkle has quite the nose! (I would have run away but then I'm not a hunter.)
Enjoy your holidays!

Shark said...

I suppose hunting wild animals is more—umm, I'm not sure of the word I'm looking for, but I don't think it's humane, though maybe it is—than slaughtering captive animals, such as cows.

Jeane said...

That's such a cool video. At first I thought he didn't shoot because she had a calf. That guy sure can stand still!

Cipriano said...

It's true, I would have run away, too! Mind you, I never would have been there in the first place. I prefer to get all my meat products from that most humane of areas... you know? --> [The supermarket].

The thing about shooting wild animals is that so often the animal gets away and runs for forty miles rather than just dying and stuff. But I have toured a slaughterhouse [where cows were getting done in] and it was not all that humane either. I seriously think they should blindfold the cows that are being led in there, because [I'm not kidding] I could tell that they totally knew what was going on!

Yeah, I really like that videoclip. The innocence of Mrs. Bullwinkle is somehow adorable. Good thing she wasn't wearing those fake antlers that she had on the night before at the Christmas party though!

Anonymous said...

That is most excellent! She even nibbles on his arrow.

And yowza! It is cold there. I won't complain then about it being -26 F here when I woke up this morning.

Anonymous said...

That arrow-nibbling. It's like hippies putting flowers in the militiamen's guns.

Anonymous said...

I think animals will one day have (humaine) rights just like people. Maybe one day people will be charged with murder when they kill an animal, and possibly animals will be able to kill people, and get away with it. kinda like people do with abortion.