Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've Been Had!

My cat is becoming an expensive part of my family.
A bit too expensive.
Some of you may recall… well no, none of you will remember, but anyway, two years ago [nearly exactly] my cat Jack was real sick.
It was agonizing, he was really ill.
So I had to take him to the vet just before my own holidays began.
It was a troubling time because I had to leave him here in my apartment [sick] in the hands of a professional cat-sitter medicine administrator.
The process cost me a small fortune.

At that time, the vet recommended some expensive-as-hell cat food to help him with his umm… urinary issues! So I obeyed her. I bought my first batch of Waltham's Urinary Cat Caviar!
I feed him some other real-expensive elite cat food also. Made with holistic ingredients and all that jazz. Organically-grown brown rice, none of this Uncle Ben's stuff, like I eat! He has two foods to choose from every day.
Basically, my cat lives at an all-inclusive frigging RESORT!

Anyhoo, a bag of this Waltham's stuff WAS $27.00 a bag, and I have always thought that was a bit excessive. But for two years I have bought this stuff, now renamed Royal Canin / Medi-Cal Urinary SO-33 formula, shown above.
It can only be bought AT A VETERINARY CLINIC!
Nice scam!
Well, just this morning I went and purchased a new bag of the stuff.
Good Lord!
It is now [choke] $44.00.
I nearly hacked up a hairball.

But it was too late, the cat-nurse highway-robber already had my VISA card swiped. I argued with her a bit, but in the end I just had to come to the conclusion that this is the LAST bag of this stuff that Jack is going to get.
I’m sorry Jack, but Daddy has to eat, too. So, from now on I think you are going to just eat hamburgers, like he does!
Holistic hamburgers…. made with whole…. ham-things!
I mean jeez, I’ve been eating nothing but cows for decades now, and I don’t have any urinary problems at all!
What makes me even more steamed is that I have now read several reviews online about how this caviar-priced catmeal is nothing special ANYWAY!
Check it out… Jack, come over here and read this. And this.

For a photo-synopsis of some of my cat’s other problems click on his nose.


Alyce said...

I hope your kitty does well without the ritzy food!

We had a vet who told us the only solution to our dog's urinary incontinence problems was to feed her food that cost $50 a bag. That and keep her from eating any other morsel but the expensive food. Try telling that to a hyper labrador retriever. She was like a vacuum cleaner, and very sneaky at getting food that was not hers.

We went to another vet who gave us some pills and we haven't had a problem since then. I hope your kitty's problem is so easily solved!

Cold Molasses said...

Sad's your cat...cough up a few bucks a few times a year for some decent food!!! dog's food costs almost 70 bucks a bag!!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet Jack looks! I totally hear you on the expensive vet food. Or dearly departed diabetic kitty had to eat special food we could only get from the vet for $30 a bag and the bag wasn't that big! Perhaps you could find out from your vet what is supposed to be so special about this food, low fat, low protein, high protein, whatever, and then find something else that is comparable for less. Don't forget to mix the old food with the new for 1-2 weeks gradually decreasing the one while increasing the other. It will help keep Jack's tummy from getting upset.

Anonymous said...

I love my puppy so I buy him Royal Canin food and he loves it! In fact he loves me for it! So he should at $64 per bag. But he's worth every penny and it's made in Canada!


Anonymous said...

I just hope that Jack doesn't read this column...and leave a few surprises in your tennis shoes.

You can come live with me, Jack. My ragdoll (who gets whatever he desires - as it should be - and hang the cost) would love to have a playmate like you.

Cipriano said...

Great advice, all. Thank you.
If this escalating cat-food issue gets any worse, I have a plan.
I'm putting together a proposal and I'm all set to ask the government for a BAILOUT!