Thursday, December 25, 2008

Visions of Sugarplums...

I had no idea I was ever this cute!
I had inklings, but no real concrete evidence, until now.
Yes folks, these photos are of ME!
Me me me me me! Look at how cute I am. Was.
With my family, Christmas is a time when many old photo albums come off the shelf and are casually flipped through as we chatter and eat [more than we should] and drink coffee or egg nog. This afternoon, as I was leafing through an album or two, I happened upon these old old photos of yours truly here!
Wow, what a somewhat half-decently cute kid I was. I had entirely forgotten!
In that first photo I am obviously dreaming of sugarplums. Or maybe a new BMX-bike, or something.
In this other one [below] I am casually sitting out in our back yard on Argyle Street.
As you can see, in neither instance did I seem to have any qualms about upper-nudity!
So long ago… so long ago…

Wishing you all a very very Merry Christmas!


Shark said...

You look like a young hippy. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You haven't changed much.

Anonymous said...

Look at you blondie! Sounds like you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

The BeeGees hairstyle is too much!
Damn, you were a looker...funny how time changes everything!!!!

I have to show these to you homie, he'll have a laugh! Speaking of which, he had a blast watching you on DVD!!! Yes, you've made it big!

Cipriano said...

Gotta admit, I'm pretty damn cute there, whether sleeping or awake.
Am I wrong?
Even... even, C -- with my Andy Gibb hair!

Anonymous said...

Damn, you were cute, Cippy.'re even cuter now!!

Anonymous said...

The pre "Hellion Days", Oh! to be young and innocent again.....

Ricky Haddad
Soldiers in the Dirt