Thursday, January 08, 2009

Finally Relaxing --

Cipriano, coming to you live from the new Indigo Bookstore on 8th Street East in [balmy] Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
It is nice to relax and grab a coffee, and sit reading Snow.
I really like the tableau-style picture above my table here [shown above].
I found some post-Christmas bargains out in the store.
Just what I needed!
More books!
More stuff to try and cram into my suitcase! Soon I will be flying home to the incessant meowing of my best friend, Jack!


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE that photo! (Steal it for me, ok, sweetie? I'm sure you can fit it in your suitcase).

I wish you a safe and hopefully hassle-free trip home (though with Air Canada, that's asking for one hell of a's hoping you at least get some free peanuts).

I want to know what you think of 'Snow' once you finish it. 'Cuz I tried to start it last year, and just could NOT get into it. Just too darn heavy. Way too much snow. Heh.

And please, please, please, come back to TO!! I wanna see your cute face again!

Isabella K said...

I too wish you a safe and speedy return. I hope Jack treats you right.

I thought Snow was marvelous -- it gave me plenty to think about, months' worth of thinking. Also it made me pick up a copy of Turgenevv's Fathers and Sons, which I intend to finally start next week.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed Snow. It is such a slow quiet book in spite of all the turmoil it contains. I hope your trip home is uneventful!

Cipriano said...

Hi Girls:
I found Snow to be a rather daunting novel.
Just finished reading it today... as Patricia said, it was "heavy" yes.
As Isabella said, it was "marvelous" yes.
As Stefanie said, it "slow, quiet" and filled with "turmoil".
It is a wonderfully written book, but I found it a tough read, overall. However, it may have been the events of my life at the time, encroaching upon my concentration levels.