Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Fantasy --

When I grow up I want to be a guy who just sort of tours the world and finds obscure and hard-to-find books. I’m not kidding, even.
Like full-time.
I’ll quit my job [because I am so indescribably and unaccountably wealthy all of a sudden], and just travel and visit bookshops.
For extra cash [not that I really need any, because I am way rich]… I will start an online website where people can submit requests for rare books they have never been able to find.
No wait. I will not charge for this service.
[I keep forgetting that I am fantastically and exorbitantly not in need of money whatsoever]… and so people submit their requests and I travel the world, looking for these books.
As it is, even back when I was a pauper [like right now] I always sought out the little hidden-away bookstores in any new city or town I visited. So, it is obviously my life’s calling to do this sort of thing full-time…. OK, never mind that reminiscence…. fast-forward again.
[Insert those vertical wavy line things here...]

So, there I am in Monaco one sunny afternoon… no, Tuscany, at this quaint little bookstore, looking for a first edition Gutenberg Bible for one of my e-clients.
Wait. Let’s be reasonable. I’m looking for a real 1948 edition of For Whom The Bell Tolls.
As I’m browsing, I sense the definite aroma of my favorite perfume [Smell My Spine© , by Scribners].
It’s wafting over at me from the next aisle over.
I nonchalantly saunter over.

This is her right here.
I took the picture later on that evening, from our room….
See, over a bit of small talk [I commented on the Flaubert she was holding] we ended up at a streetside café where we sipped coffee till the sun went down.
Later on, as we were sharing a plate of linguine, she told me of her lifelong desire to meet up with someone who was filthy wealthy and not nearly as good looking as herself!
Not only did I magnificently qualify in both these areas, but I think she was really impressed also with the charitable nature of my online e-business.
And what can I say?
Her and I [her name is Ciprietta] have been traveling the world ever since.
Bookhunting. And stuff.



Michele said...

Keep on dreamin', Cip. ;) And zap me your won a book (not the same as finding the 48 Hemingway, I know, but still...)

Merisi said...

... and stuff. Yeah, keep on dreaming, where's reality, anyway?
Would you like some coffee with this? *smile*

Beth said...

Does Ciprietta have a blog? I'd love to read her take on this saga - and ask her where she buys her perfume.

Anonymous said...

I hope your dreams come true so I can use your free book finding services!

And I laughed out loud at the "and stuff." Does Ciprietta like hamburgers too? :)

Anonymous said...

Me too. I hope your dreams come true, cip. Everything you could ever want - right at your fingertips. She looks like the perfect match for you.

Cipriano said...

Ciprietta LOVES a good hamburger, Stefanie.
This is how I knew our love was real!

Ciprietta is like..... ummm.... Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut and Kim Basinger in 9 1/2 Weeks, all rolled into one broad!