Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama In Town

So today was an exciting day for my fair city of Ottawa.
Barack Obama was here.
His first international visit since becoming President.
That means he likes us MOST! Of all other countries of the world, and stuff.
I live in the downtown area and so this morning there was a little bit of traffic congestion as so many streets were completely blocked off in preparation for his motorcade – which ended up consisting of about four hundred cars and even a helicopter or two as they all zipped down Colonel By Drive from the airport.
It was a slushy gray morning.
You can see some cool amateur footage of the motorcade HERE.
Anyway, all day at work I listened to the radio snippets, telling of what was going on at Parliament Hill.
I LIVE very near to the Hill, from my balcony I have a clear view of it.
Damn, I wish I was off today, I would have walked over there with the rest of the whackos that were standing out in the snowfall all day!

Now…. what is the COOLEST THING EVER is that after all of his important meetings, President Obama had the audacity to hope that he may be able to steer the ol’ armored vehicle into the “Market”…. [yes, just like Boston, Ottawa’s downtown core is known as “The Market”]…. so he tells his driver to swing by the Beaver Tails place.
What is a Beaver Tail you ask?
Well, it’s Ottawa’s famous trademark pastry. It's like -- well, a cinnamon bun that’s been steamrollered until it looks like a beaver tail.
Thing is…. this place is just several blocks from my apartment.
How I wish that I had the day off today.
Would have loved to have been walking in the Market When All Of This Happened.
Not that I’m an Obama-Groupie or anything.

Oh, hell no.


~::* Kreativemess *::~ said...

That is so exciting! I watched the news last night and they showed him going into the Market and getting cookies and such for his daughters at "Le moulin de la Provence"! The speeches he made were incredibly smooth... I'm really jealous you live that close! Well... the Glebe isn't THAT far but still...

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Maybe next time Obama visits you'll have the day off and can wave hello :)

Cipriano said...

Stefanie, yes. I hope that the next time he's here... well, I hope by then I have won the Lottery and will TOTALLY not have to be at work at ALL.

"P" --> Yeah, I live in a real super-cool spot overlooking the river and stuff. On Canada Day the smoke from the fireworks nearly floats right into my apartment. My cat runs and hides under the bed when they start going off, it's too funny.
The only way I can afford to live where I live is because back when I originally moved in, Roosevelt was the President!

Merisi said...

His dear sweet heart aflutter.
Mine too.
Next time do take the day off, though! *sternlook*

Living in DC could one make used to seeing the presidential motorcade pass by (or being upset about yet another roadblock), but walking by the White House and seeing that the helipad was awaiting the landing of the presidential helicopter was special to me to the very last time I observed it. I always stopped and looked at the sky over the Mall, trying to guess which of the three choppers would actually carry the president (there are always decoys up there) and then wait until it set down.