Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Opening Soon!

Lately I have been greatly concerned about the recent findings that indicate the sad fact that children [toddlers / pre-schoolers] are no longer interested in great Russian literature.
No! All they think about is TOYS!
So I have decided to open a new store, in my little corner of the world.... [so far, all I have is the sign].... but I am looking for the best property.... the prime real estate, and then I am building my dream store!
I just want to give a little bit back to the community. Do my part, you know?
I am convinced that kids need to read these great classic stories about little Anna Karenina and Warren Peace.
Think it will catch on?



Anonymous said...

what a coincidence! i opened your page and there i read about tolstoy. i just started reading war and peace yesterday. but i am no child anymore. :-)

Cipriano said...

Ahhh... one of my favorite novels of all time!
Stick with it. What I mean is, it's a daunting novel, but completely rewarding

Merisi said...

Ah, finally, someone's bringing back the good oldfashioned wooden Tol's toys! ;-)

Michele said...

I'm in for a Tolstoy bobble-head.

Cipriano said...

Michele, we are all out of these, but we DO have in stock a Turgenev fart-pillow!

Anonymous said...

Do you have anything in a DosTOYevsky?

Cipriano said...

My God Stefanie, that is brilliant.
Yes, I've definitely gotta have a DosTOYevsky section!