Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Final Frontier

Hi friends.
← Guess what this is?
I am at Starbucks, just sitting here and thinking about stuff.
For one thing, I wish I had way more money.
Secondly, I wish I could read all day instead of work. Thirdly, I wish beer was just randomly distributed everywhere.

But back to the picture…. guess what it is.
That’s right.
It’s my underground parking space at my apartment building.
Basically just a few feet of concrete where I stash my wheels every night.
Every month I pay $50 for the privilege of parking there.
I moved into my place back in June of 1997.
Hence, according to my quick calculations on my Starbucks napkin, I have now paid that $50 fee 106 times.
That amounts to $5,300.
Which just goes to show you -- in the big city, everything, literally everything costs money one way or another.
Even empty space.



Beth said...

Can’t you spruce it up a little? Make it more inviting and homey?
Perhaps some fake shrubs, plants, a picture hanging on the wall...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Beth. It needs a little something.

Cipriano said...

Admittedly, yes.
The whole area could use some of those faux-flowers or something.
Maybe some silk trees.
Even some old winter tires........ anything.
One of those old velvet-Elvis "paintings"....... something.
You're right.