Monday, March 02, 2009

Splash du Jour: Monday

If you were an ancient barbarian, I bet a real embarrassing thing would be if you were sacking Rome and your cape got caught on something and you couldn't get it unhooked, and you had to ask another barbarian to unhook it for you.
-- Jack Handey --

Have a great Monday!


Merisi said...

Only on Monday mornings, such clever original thoughts! Little did he know that the most embarrising little detail lay in the fact that he wore a coat in 80F heat! ;-)

Cipriano said...

Even though I do not understand the last part of your comment, I am going to totally RESPOND to it in the spirit of Jack Handey himself....
"Maybe when we sweat we ought to think of it as rain, only rain that comes from our armpits though, and smells like old bacon."

Merisi said...

I get it: Canadians don't know how 80 Fahrenheit feels! *hehe*

I am quite embarrassed about having messed up embarrassed in my first comment. :-(

Merisi said...

I love it how you let me burble on,
I really do. *giggle&run*