Tuesday, April 28, 2009

View With A Room

“I don’t care what anyone says,
Toronto has a certain aesthetic beauty to it.”
-- Cipriano --

…Especially if viewed from the 32nd floor of the Sheraton Hotel on Queen Street, where I am currently… viewing it! [Photo is from our window].
Holidays are why work exists!©
And I’m on one right now – holiday, that is.
So where did I go? No, not Mexico, not Miami.
Well, sure there’s no ocean. You can’t go whale-watching and stuff like that.
Or spelunking. You can’t visit anything of much historic significance, and admittedly, every six feet or so someone reminds you that you have an obligation to relieve yourself of all the change in your pocket [last night I was approached by one down-and-outer that actually produced a VISA machine]… but really, I declare it, Toronto has a certain beauty. This is why I keep coming back to it.
Canada’s New York.
It’s got character.

Hate the hockey team.
Love the city!



Merisi said...

Like the title's pun! :-)

Wishing you a happy holiday,
may you find all and more than you are looking for,
greetings from sunny V.,

Cipriano said...

Thank you Merisi.
I am having a terrific time in this crazy city!

Anonymous said...

I agree, in fact have stayed at that very hotel with the same view. Wouldn't want to live ther but love to visit!

You should really try to go see "We Will Rock You", it is simply amazing! It's at the Panasonic Theatre. Go there!


Have fun in your view with a room service