Thursday, April 09, 2009

What's Eatin' Billy Bob?

I listen to CBC radio at work every morning. I have it blasting in the warehouse… truth is, I like talk-radio better than music radio.
There's a program called “Q” with host Jian Ghomeshi… it’s one of my favorites, and seriously, I listen to it every day. Yesterday’s show was a doozy.
I’ve been waiting for it to get onto the podcast to share with you… and better yet, it’s on Youtube…. so we can get the visual.
OK, Jian [God, I felt bad for him] is saddled with the task of interviewing the ever-strange, addle-brained Billy Bob Thornton and his band, The Boxmasters.
It was probably the most awkward moment in interviewing history!
Oh, I felt bad for Jian. I leaned into the radio at the time… remember now, “Q” is a LIVE show… this stuff went out on the airwaves LIVE, as is.
The whole interview is just wild… it’s like Billy Bob is on Planet [frigging] Zatox!
But he really begins to severely lose it at about 7 minutes into the thing.
Stay with it… stay with his shifty eyes. It’s quite crazy!
My one question to you all, dear readers… is there some kind of pill out there that Billy Bob Thornton hasn’t yet taken, that he perhaps SHOULD be taking?
I tried to embed the clip but it did not fit my Bookpuddle grid.
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Beth said...

He needs some anti-ATTITUDE pills.
What an a**.

Sam Sattler said...

I saw some video that was shot during the interview - on Fox News last night - and it looks like this egomaniac was just being himself. He's a jackass and I don't think he needs drugs to make him act this way. The guy is a pretty good actor, a mediocre musician, and a world class ass.

I think the interviewer handled himself pretty well from at least the couple of minutes I saw on TV - and I hope that the station refuses to offer the man any free publicity next time he comes to Canada looking for a handout.

Cipriano said...

Yeah, I find the whole thing quite amazing.
Kudos to Jian for not losing it!
I've watched this clip now, several times... all of the humanity going on there, fascinates me.
With Jian, and even the other three band members, it is a case study in poise and accommodation.
And watching Billy Bob in action is like observing the hyena-like feral behavior that can still sometimes rear its un-evolved head while somehow being attached to a modern-day human being.

patricia said...

Have never liked Billy Bob, either as an actor or a person. I'm not a big fan of Gian either, but he did handle the situation very well.

I feel really bad for BB's band mates. If they had any balls at all they'd drop Billy Bob like a hot piece of white trash.

Melwyk said...

I was waiting for the trusty Cipriano to explain this to us. Here's another explanation though, maybe it will make some sense of the whole crazy event??

Cipriano said...

Patricia, regarding BB's bandmates and all... it is unfair to them, you know.
The Boxmasters have had to cancel the rest of their Canadian dates because they are being booed off the stage wherever they play since BB's display of hyena-ism. [<-- should be a word].
It's too bad.
I've gone to the Boxmasters website and listened to their music and I actually like it. I think they are quite good, they totally remind me of Sawyer Brown.

Melanie, that is the most hilarious clip ever. Oh, I hope everyone that reads these comments clicks on the link you provided.... very very funny.