Friday, April 17, 2009

Work is Slowly Killing Me

I did one of these quick survey things that determine when a person should die.
It asks you a bunch of questions and then estimates your life expectancy.
It’s called Virtual Age or something like this. I’ll provide the link at the end of this blog posting so you can try it for yourself.
When it came to questions about my sleep habits [← as in, how much sleep I get, not…. never mind…] and questions about my diet and alcohol consumption, I noticed I lost some time there… death was encroaching.
The survey calculates as you go, so you can see how each answer affects your basic longevity.

What shocked me though was when, of all the options regarding vocational enjoyment, I had to admit that I “hate my job!”
Two whole years?
Just because I absolutely detest this God-forsaken 40 hours of every week?
Wow – that’s drastic.
My job is slowly killing me! I mean, I already suspected as much, but to see it so blatantly and scientifically displayed there! It’s unnerving.
OK, so in the end it was really not so bad.
I am currently 45 years of age, and have a “virtual” age of 41.
According to this survey I am scheduled to die when I am 78.6 years old.
Here’s the thing I am now wondering if the decimal point 6 is referring to six months, or six-tenths of a year! Because see, there’s twelve months in a year, not ten. So, as you can imagine, this concerns me.
I’m wanting the survey to mean six-tenths because this means I’ll have 7.2 months in that final year, rather than just six, before I finally kick off.
In that extra five weeks I can eat at least 30 or 40 more hamburgers!

Click HERE to take the survey.


Beth said...

Interesting exercise.
My virtual age is 41.2 but my life expectancy is 89.8
Fewer vices, I guess.
Enjoy those hamburgers!

Shark said...

It's not looking so good for yours truely, though I'm sure this thing must be flawed... My alcoholism and smoking combined with a steady diet of shwarma and fastfood can't help though.
I'm 26, but according to this I have a virtual age of 50.1! What's worse is that I'll probably die at 49.9. I should probably hit the gym tomorrow...

Sam Sattler said...

Sure hope this is accurate in my case, Cip - it cut almost 9 years from my age and projects me to 86 years old. I suppose there's more to say for being a dull couch potato than I imagined. :-)

Cipriano said...

Looks like so far we're all doing pretty good.
Except for Shark there, who should be having a coronary any minute!
How is that even possible Sharkman? You always seemed to me to be a real healthy guy.
Plus, I thought you quit smoking.... [tobacco]...

Shark said...

I'm sure I fudged the data somewhere in there. It doesn't really say how you measures your cholesterol. I'm pretty skinny, but I do eat pretty poorly...

Cold Molasses said...

Well I'm a goner at does that make sense Cip??? Clearly your excessive drinking is actually protecting your body from early death and my comparatively good eating and lack of alcohol are killing me.

Stefanie said...

Woo hoo! My actual age is 41, my virtual age is 13.6 and I'm living to be 102.4. Except after a weekend of gardening I certainly don't feel 13. All my muscles are sore and I feel more like I'm 80!