Sunday, May 24, 2009

Always Looking Up

I truly loved his first book, Lucky Man.
His new one, Always Looking Up, is even better.
Subtitle → The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist.
Really, I just want to encourage you, one and all, to pick up this book and read it.
Lucky Man was a straight-ahead memoir.
In Always Looking Up, author Michael J. Fox focuses on IDEAS -- themes. These being Work, Politics, Faith, Family.
In this sense, it is more of a philosophical rendering of where he has been since Lucky Man came out in 2002. This is not so much chronology, or regurgitated journal entries, as it is the distillation of profound wisdom accrued in the crucible of courageous response to adversity. An inspiring application of his optimism.
Don’t worry.
Nothing in the book is as obtuse as my own explication of it.
Notice that I called Fox an “author” rather than “actor” or “movie-star”?
He is.
He is an author.
This is a well-written book [due nods to Fox’s literary helper Asher Spiller] --what we’ve got here between the dustjacket is witty, pithy, erudite, relevant, touching, and maybe even beyond all of these adjectives → IMPORTANT!
This is a crucial book.
I have learned so much about the political history of embryonic stem-cell research.
At the end of the “Faith” chapter, well, I was reading it in a busy Mall, and I just had to close the book because I was crying tears.
No matter who you are, or what you have gone through to get there, you can read this book and say to yourself, “Here is a guy who knows 30% or 40%, or [in my case] 96% more about it than I do.”
And no one is living a better life than Michael J. Fox.
Not a pitiful story. No.
The opposite, really.

I’ve said all this blabber, and yet not one word about what the book is really about.
I have not once said the “P” word, for instance.
You all know what makes him so shaky.
In reading this book, you sense that the Always Looking Up is going to pay off.
You want to be invited to that celebration party.
And when you're there, dancing, you will realize that it is the subtitle that made it all happen.
I encourage you to watch this
PART 1 / PART 2.


Beth said...

I watched the TV special – I’ll read the book.
He’s an inspiring man with a wonderful sense of humour and an infectious spirit.

Merisi said...

Thank you for keeping me up to date about what's worthwhile reading! :-)

I thought of you while putting today's post together. I am sure you would enjoy the Kandinsky here. ;-)