Friday, May 29, 2009

Getting Tartified

I'm sorry dear friends, but I must convey to you yet another food-related dilemma.
I am visiting my sister right now.
Just a while ago she came into the room where I was reading, and displayed this fine tray of freshly made tarts.
They consist of some sort of cream-cheese filling and are topped with a kiwi / strawberry / pineapple melange.
My current intentions are to eat perhaps one or maybe even two entire rows of these things AFTER our evening barbecue.

My questions become:
1) Does this desire of mine constitute some variant of the sin of gluttony?
2) If so, is this sin venial, or unforgivable?

3) If it is the former, what should my penance be?

4) If it is the latter, what shall my punishment be?



Anonymous said...

It is a sin of every kind. There is only one remedy and that is to box all of them up and send them immediately to my address.

Beth said...

Definitely a sin of gluttony.
If you managed to avoid any immediate (painful) consequences, the punishment still exists via those extra lbs.!

Merisi said...

Oh, don't worry,
being really hungry is not a sin at all!

Hope you made it to the barbeque in time, before more severe forms of starvations took ahold of you. ;-)