Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother Mary: A Saturday Poem

Mother’s Day.
I know it’s not officially until tomorrow.
I have a calendar, and it says right there… Not Until Tomorrow.
Can’t say anything about moms, until tomorrow.
But really, is there anything we should be more preemptive about?
Is there ever a time we should not praise them?
Our dear dear mothers?
As some of you may be aware, my own mom, Helen, passed away an hour and a half into the New Year, 2009…. I miss her. Oh, I do. I miss her so much.
Yesterday at work, I paused, literally STOPPED what I was doing, and thought of her.
A while ago, I wrote a little poem, in honor of motherhood.
After you read this poem, please click on the link provided, which will take you to a little photographic montage of my dear, sweet, wonderful, mom.
She was a darling.
Not was.

Mother Mary

It’s incongruent, the amount of unbelievers
that summon her. Mother Mary, they say,
knowing full well that even her own son
thought her but a mother. [Luke 11:27-28].
In other words, nothing special.

No. That is a misinterpretation.
She breathed the breath of God, obeying it.
As did yours.
There is no such thing as nothing special
when it comes to mothers.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2009

Click HERE to see MY MOM!


Anonymous said...

That's a lovely video! Thanks for sharing it!

Beth said...

That video is such a precious, beautiful tribute to your mother.

And, yes, she is a darling.

May said...

What a moving tribute to your mother - a whole life in photos. I am trying not to cry.

My favorite shot is the one in which she is standing alone in front of the ocean or a lake and is wearing a red jacket.

I, too, couldn't wait until tomorrow and today gave my mother her present. She does so much for us.

Cipriano said...

Thank you all for your nice comments.
May, did you also notice, in one of those very shots [the red jacket] my mom is beside a big boat named, "Helen"?