Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Neighborhood

I really like living where I live.
I enjoy the general urbanity of it.
I like city.
And I live basically in the heart of one.
A nice, relatively safe city.
Earlier today I was downtown, and snapped the picture above.
It is a photo of my apartment.
Dead center.
Just above that blue… thing, in the center.
Beside the flagless flagpole, or whatever it is.
If you can’t see it, that penthouse apartment, this means you need to get rid of your PC, and get a Mac.
If you have a Mac, and you zoom in real close, you can even see Jack there, nestled on the couch, reading the latest issue of Feline Monthly©.
Sipping his hairball-tea.
Tapping his cigar ashes onto the floor like he does.
Waiting for me to get home.



Anonymous said...

I have a mac, but I can't zoom in. Is one really supposed to be able to, and if so, how? I want to check what other post-expiration date food is on your shelves....

Cipriano said...

Actually Rhapsody, this a good point you bring up here, and I am glad that the "zoom in" feature is not working too well, because at this point, I am now IN the apartment, in a state of umm... unclothed-dishevelment I would rather not elaborate upon, as it were!
[Jack, still tapping his damnable ashes, yonder. That's it. I am raising his share of the rent....!]

Beth said...

I own a Mac.
I think you should keep your drapes or blinds closed...