Wednesday, May 06, 2009

She's Gettin' Under My Skin

This is going to be a real brief, music-related blog.
I love music.
And honestly, I don’t usually listen to this….. “young” kind of music.
Avril Lavigne?
Let’s face the “music.”
I’m old enough to be Avril’s grandpappy! [Or at least I feel that ancient and rickety after a grueling Wednesday of work…]
But, at any rate, I’ve been listening to her songs here on my iTunes for two evenings in succession and my conclusion is that there is a lot of good music coming out of this kid.
Really. Even terrific at times.
On the Under My Skin album, songs like Take Me Away, Nobody’s Home
, and Fall To Pieces…. I could listen to these on repeat mode for quite a while before switching back to something more senior-citizen like… like David Gilmour.
Admittedly, [and thankfully] the song Sk8er Boi, from the Let Go album, does nothing for me, in any sort of visceral sense, or otherwise. But then again, Complicated is excellent.
Great production, really.
Me. Cipriano© .
And Avril Lavigne.
Go figure.
Pour me another Geritol, and turn it up!
This girl makes me want to go out and buy a Ford Mustang!


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Isabella K said...

I listen to a lot of Avril — she's my 6-year-old's favourite. I'm a little proud of her taste actually — there's lot worse sh could be listening to.