Monday, June 22, 2009

The Worstest Word Ever

Do any of you have a word that you continually misspell?
Don’t you just hate it?
Generally, I am a fenomenally good speller…. but, umm… from time to time [← I’m avoiding The Worstest Word Ever© here…] one word will just trip me up and I can just never seem to get it right.
For me, that word is:
Man I hate that word, occasionally.
And here is the weird thing. I’m spelling it correctly, above.
But tomorrow…. or even later tonight, if I had to spell the damn thing in a sentence, my spell-check feature would be catching it four or five times as I sought to correct myself again.
To me, there are at least nine or ten perfectly valid ways to spell occasionally.
One “c”.
Two “s”-s.
One “l”.
Ending in “ee”?
[Well, that lassed one, addmiteddly, I’m exxagerating a bit……]

What’s your Worstest Word Ever?



Anonymous said...

I quite agree with you. Occasionally I even mispell misspell, in addition to occasionally.

Shark said...

I write "last night" as one word every time. My spell checker doesn't like this, but I really think "lastnight" should be accepted as a compound word.

Beth said...

I have the occassional trouble with the word “definateley.” ;)

Anonymous said...

Someone at work always wrote "tommorrow", it drove me half nuts! I'm french and I can spell better than some of the people I've worked with over the years.
Being french is also a bonus when I mispell something...or misspell...or whatever.
Now Rhapsodyinbooks has me wondering.

Stefanie said...

I have trouble with occasionally too! And generally I have to think hard about separate because I think it looks better as "seperate"

Merisi said...

Voluptus .....
Voluptios ...
er .....
It always stops me in my tracks.

Melwyk said...

Funny, occasionally is my worst word too!

Isabella K said...