Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I'm Having PMS

So after work I went to the supermarket.
Hey, by the way… I know I have not been blogging much lately.
I blame my severe mid-life crisis I am going through right now.
An extended bout of PMS.
Thing is… I’ve been thinking 24/7 about MOVING, like from where I live, and having second and third thoughts about it, and it is causing me severe amounts of angst!
OK, so I’m at the supermarket and I bought a bunch of produce.
Yes……. produce.
The noun.
Not the verb!
The girl, the cashier, she’s ringing it through, and she grabs my potatoes [so to say!]… and these three baking potatoes are on the scale thing, and her HAND IS RESTING ON THEM!
She’s got her hand on my potatoes!
I said nothing.
But the bananas were next.
Again, she’s got her hand on my damn bananas…. so here’s me [remember now, I’ve been a bit of a broom-whacked wasp-nest lately]…. I say to her, “Umm, I’d rather not pay for the weight of your hand!”
I’m pointing.
And wow!
The look she gave me!
Maybe she too is having a hard time coming to terms with decisions involving moving?
Her look was quite withering.
Admittmedly, I could have had much more tact in this situation.
I suppose I could have said something much more politically correct, like for instance, “Hmm… is that scale there calibrated to automatically deduct the weight of your * * * * ing arm?”



Anonymous said...

The one time I hear you're purchasing REAL food and you go and make it unpleasant (or she does - whatever!)!
I would like to congratulate you on your resposible choice of groceries.
By the way, I would have said something too, like you did, not the politically correcft version...the other one.

Stefanie said...

Oh Cip, I'm so proud ouf you for buying produce! :) You had every right to say something to the cashier about her hand being on the food as she weighed it and in this case you are not required to be tactful.

kingmonkey said...

I just moved a couple weeks ago, so I can sympathize with your moving woes. To be fair, I had lots of help, but nonetheless I friggin' hate moving!

Compound tat with the fact that my wife is due to give birth any day now, and you can see that my stress levels were doubly high. I think I'd have literally bitten the girl's head off. (Although, the anger would have stopped partway through the effort, as I cannot take a person's head off with one clean bite, I would still go the distance-- out of principle, you understand.)

Shark said...

Move to Mtl. And keep me in mind when you're going through your books!

Cipriano said...

Yes, I am actually branching out and investigating the possibilities of eating food that was once NOT A LIVING ANIMAL!
Tonight, I'm going after some serious broccoli, [albeit, garnished with half a dead chicken!]

Merisi said...

What a way to tell us that you are sick and tired of buying box pre-cooked junk! Congratulations! :-)

Cold Molasses said...

Wow...you are a marvel...only you would be at the grocery store with a cashier you've never met before and end up with her fondling both your potatoes and your banana! Impressive!