Friday, July 10, 2009


Here is what I had for lunch today!
Seriously, I actually ate this while reading Ian McEwan.
If you can identify what the correct term is, for the thing in the upper left corner of the tray, OR identify the animalian origin of the three hunks of "stuff" in the bottom left portion.... if you can do either of these things, I, or a representative of Bookpuddle Inc.© will send you an Ian McEwan book in the mail.



Isabella K said...

I can't help with the terminology for the foodstuff at upper left (I assume it's foodstuff -- I can't enlarge the photo to get a better look), but the animalian origin of the meat nuggets is clearly dodo bird. The flesh falls of the bone in these very ditinct plump sections, as pictured here.

Anonymous said...

The picture is too small, but I would guess it is the torso of a miniature breaded and seasoned homunculus, and one should be ashamed to eat such a thing! Actually, one should be ashamed to partake in the contents of the whole tray, not to mention a book by that inexplicably popular author!

Cipriano said...

Oh my!
You both are so close.
Dodo bird and homunculus.
Rhapsody, surely you do not despise McEwan? Oh, this is because you have not read On Chesil Beach, yet. I see, I see.

kingmonkey said...

Am I the only one imagining a fast food place called Homonculus Hut?

I am?

Ah, very well. Carry on, then.

(Word verification: ovenist)