Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where I Stood

I heard this song while driving home, and just had to look it up when I got here.
Not only do I love the lyrics and think that this is terrific poetry, but it’s the phrasings, the style of the way she’s singing, that I truly dig.
It was just one of those moments when you are listening to the radio, and when the song is done you wish you could rewind and hear it again. On YouTube, I found this terrific LIVE unplugged version of Missy Higgins, singing Where I Stood.


Stefanie said...

Thanks for sharing this. I have never heard of her but I am definitely going to look up her stuff now!

Beth said...

Such a beautiful voice and such sad, lovely lyrics.
(She looks so young!)

Jeane said...

Thank you for sharing this. I never heard of her before, but the voice and lyrics are beautiful, I'm looking for more of her music.

Cipriano said...

Yeah, I think she is really amazing!
I've listened to quite a few of her songs.
She's such a little pipsqueak, huh?
And she's only 24 years old... pretty neat that someone that young can write with the depth that she does.

kingmonkey said...

Well, it's no Who Let the Dogs Out, but it's okay, I guess.