Friday, August 14, 2009

One Man's Junk...

... is another man's treasure!
Hey, with a blog-title like that, I'm probably going to get a few hundred hits here from people that were NOT EXPECTING TO SEE DISCARDED FURNITURE!

When I say, "one man's junk" I'm referring to literal garbage.
But seriously.... what is wrong with people?
They throw out such great stuff.
I have found some of my best stuff in the garbage, in the parking garage downstairs.
Like for instance, my bed sheets. My cat. Many great meals. Stuff like that.
My stall at #74 is wonderfully positioned so that I have to walk right past the huge garbage area to get to the elevators.
Remember when I found that excellent Modigliani?
WELL...... tonight, I'm walking by and here is this perfectly awesome bookshelf.
And not one of these cheap jobbies with the wobbly-assed backside.
No way. It's heavy. Well-constructed, and not a scratch on it. I seriously aggravated my own "junk" hauling this junk into the elevator.



Shark said...

Do you even have room in your place for another bookshelf!?

Jeane said...

There is nothing better than a free bookshelf. Except of course, the books to fill it with! Looks like a nice one, too.

Cipriano said...

Good point, Sharkman.
I really do NOT have room for this monstrosity.

It is nice, Jeane.
But Shark has found me out, truly.
I have no room for this thing.