Monday, August 17, 2009

Splash du Jour: Monday

This is just.... impressive.
I love this clip.
And what I love most is not the catch.... it's that little flip of the cap as she trots back to her Ballgirl station there.
This is priceless footage of the once-and-for-all fact that women are better than men!
Watch that trot!

Have a great Monday!


kingmonkey said...

She is awesome! I love it.

I like the outfielder's stunned look as he watches the girl trot back to her chair.

Cipriano said...

Yeah King.
I have watched this clip maybe 20 times?
I just think it's priceless.

Anthony said...

Thank you for posting the clip.

That catch is incredible. I think perhaps the woman has super-powers!

Stefanie said...

That was excellent! And I love the stunned looks on the pro's faces :)

Beth said...

I can do that.
(Okay, maybe I once might have attempted that?)
Showed my baseball fanatic son - he was impressed!

Melwyk said...

This is great! I've shared it around a bit; everyone at work thinks this girl is amazing. :)