Monday, September 14, 2009


I just really liked this big new poster at the front door of Chapters tonight.
I think there is great wisdom in that maxim!
Wasn't it Flaubert that said something like "Read, in order to live"?
Can you make out the new Atwood novel there in the book pavement?

Sometimes I feel as though I live, to read.
I know there are many people that live semi-decent lives and don't read very much, but it is not a life I can fathom living.
Anyhoo, something else I have been thinking about today.
It's driving me completely mental that I have to work so much simply to sustain my BBCH Lifestyle. [The abbreviation stands for Books, Beer, Catfood, Hamburger!]
But seriously, today [while at work] I repeatedly heard this ad on the radio.
Come buy a new car at Blah-Blah Car Lot. And [this is what freaked me out], the ad ended by saying, "If you lose your income in the first 12 months, simply return the car!"
Something like that anyway. I'm not kidding!
Are times really that bad that this proviso needs to be mentioned?
It's just not right... it doesn't seem right that they need to say that.
It's scary.

I don't want to have to "work" myself into the grave, simply to live.
I want to just READ to live.



Stefanie said...

The economy has done strange things to advertising, hasn't it? There are radio and TV ads here too where the dealer or car company will allow you to return the car, or even in one, make your payments for 6 months. Too bad the banks aren't quite as responsive to all those mortgage holders who are in a bind. Love the read to live poster. I am in full agreement!

Cipriano said...

Times are tough, they really are.
Even the price of Jack's specialty cat food... . not kidding, it's killing me!

Erin in Boston said...

Ah, a man of simple pleasures - my kind of guy. :) What scares me is that stores around me keep going out of business. Including the local Barnes & Noble! Love the poster.