Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

We will never achieve human maturity until we let go and take leave of this parent substitute. Jesus is not to God what Clark Kent was to Superman. Jesus was a human life so deeply lived, a human life through which love flowed without barrier or interception, a being so courageously present that he was open to the ground of all being. He had stepped from self-consciousness into a universal consciousness that brings us into a profound oneness with all there is. He had become one with God.
-- John Shelby Spong, in Eternal Life: A New Vision --

Have a great Tuesday!


Cold Molasses said...

How is the book cip?

Priori said...

To me this is much more powerful of a statement than any Jesus as God idea I can fathom. It means so much to each of us, as far as personal potential goes.

Have you read this? Would you recommend it?