Sunday, October 11, 2009

Show Me The Monetary!

Of all the lineups at the Mall Food Court this afternoon, the Subway one was the longest, yet it was into this queue I seemed to gravitate.
Truth is, I love a good sandwich.
And you know, I can't always eat hamburgers.
Actually, most of the time you can find me at Manchu Wok, or maybe Thai Express, or Teriyaki Experience... but this afternoon, there I was in the Subway line.
The sandwich guy behind the glass asked the girl in front of me for her order.
As he started to prepare her sandwich he asked the next question all Subway artists are trained to ask... "What type of cheese?"
"The monetary," she said.
He quickly glanced at me and we both smirked.
"Excuse me?" he said.
"I'll have the monetary cheese," she clearly repeated.
He and I were sharing the proceeds of an all-out inner guffaw now!
But of course, he knew what she meant, and commenced spreading some shredded MONTEREY cheese on the sandwich.
We all shuffled up a space, and he [still smiling] asked me what I wanted.
I ordered.
"What type of cheese?" he asked me.
"The kind with the dollar signs on it," I said, and we both lost it a bit there.
But the girl in front of me, who overheard it all, was completely oblivious.
She just sort of turned and looked at me as if I was from the planet YourAnus or something!



Beth said...

While we should NEVER make fun of another person’s mistakes, that was a good one!
I’m thinking you’re probably partial to Limburger cheese…

Stefanie said...

Oh dear, this is too hilarious! I'm not sure I would have been able to keep from laughing out loud at the poor woman.