Monday, July 25, 2011

Now THAT'S a Bargain!

Besides a good hamburger, there are three things I really love:
1) Books.
2) Bargains.
3) Bargains on books!
<-- Check out this beauty of a deal I scored today, fulfilling category 3.
While shopping for food in the supermarket with my sister [I'm still on vacation, and LOVING it]… I wandered off to a place in the Mall where a table was spread out with books on sale. Most of them were complete junk, I must admit. But, my Spidey-Sense© was tingling.
I thought I might rifle through these things and find a gem.
I did.
Don DeLillo is one of my favourite authors ever! So you can imagine my surprise at finding a copy of Falling Man, a book I have wanted to read for a while now.
The price?
Even I can afford that!
So I nabbed it, of course. Which made me so happy inside [I am easily pleased] that I thought of three more things that I love:
4) Not working.
5) Beer.
6) Not working and drinking beer at the same time!
-- Cip



Stefanie said...

That is an excellent bargain. I know exactly that happy feeling you got :)

Alyce said...

Congrats on the great deal! :)