Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation: Day 1

Well, the first day of my second vacation of the year is going swimmingly.
Not that I've done any swimming -- but I mean, smoothly, satisfactorily.
What have I done?
Just as planned!
My friend is visiting me for the next few days and so today the extent of our accomplishments was to walk down to the open air Market and buy some fresh produce, which we've already cooked and eaten.
Next, a lot of sitting around, chilling out on the balcony.
Click on the above image for an enlarged view of where I live.
Why would I go elsewhere for a vacation? It's beautiful HERE!

And, on a sad note -- this morning Jack Layton passed away after a prolonged battle with cancer. This is why the flag is at half-mast on Parliament Hill. This photo was taken again, from my balcony.
For those who may not know, Jack Layton was leader of the Opposition in Parliament. I myself am not a Laytonite, per se, but still, I was so impressed with the almost unheard-of and unprecedented [and definitely unpredicted] strides that he made in the spring 2011 Federal Election. He took The New Democratic Party to new heights in that election. Regardless of how one feels about the ideas and policies of Jack Layton, I think that his voice will be sadly missed in Canadian politics.


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Stefanie said...

Great view! And it sounds like you have begun your vacation in the best way possible.