Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steve Jobs Biography

I am writing this from the actual bookstore, actually from the Starbucks section of the place, where I am enjoying a serious caffeine buzz from my third grande bold coffee!
I can't help but notice the signs all over the store announcing the release of the Steve Jobs biography. This particular store here will be opening an hour and a half earlier than usual [tomorrow] to handle the influx of rabidly slavering book buyers! I don't think I have heard of such hype since the last Harry Potter book, or maybe a new Stephenie Meyer release.
I, for one, am extremely interested in reading this Jobs book, but I don't think I want to pay full price for it. Nor wait in a queue to get it. I think I will wait until I find it at some sort of reduced-rate sale. I read Isaacson's book about Einstein and conclude that he is a fabulous biographer.
As an avid Mac-user and overall Apple devotee I am saddened by the untimely death of Steve Jobs. It is so sobering, as I am nearly as old as he was… it just does not seem right at all that someone so involved with life should have been taken from it.
I will definitely be reading this new book, the question is only a matter of when.
How about you, dear reader friend? Does the new Steve Jobs biography interest you at all? Will you be in a lineup somewhere tomorrow, nabbing it?



Christopher said...

Nope, I shan't be in a queue for the book, but I could see myself picking it up as a 'mark-down' book in a few months. An amazing individual that certainly had a large impact on his generation. Enjoy your coffee! Cheers! Chris

D.B. said...

Intrigued by Mr. Jobs.....who wouldn't be. HOWEVER, I foresee purchasing this book through an Amazon seller under the "used - like new" category. Viva the breve latte- magic in a paper cup!

Anonymous said...

No. I go go more for the real heroes. The humanists.

Cipriano said...

Christopher, D.B. and Anonymous Steve Jobs Hater:
I'm at the store again now, drinking coffee once again [go figure] and have just observed this book for the first time. It looks like a real beaut!

Anonymous said...

lkHefty? Size matters?

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a biography reader but if I were to read one I'd be more inclined to read the Jobs bio.
Oh and Anonymous, don't you know that size always matters to a man?!!

Cipriano said...

Dear "C" -- I agree with you, size does matter!
Pitchers of Moosehead.
The bigger the better!