Saturday, November 05, 2011

As If I'm Serious...

I want someone to click on the shirt and order it for me.
I'm just kidding, but in all seriousness -- I would look so good in this thing!
You know it, and I do, too.
So, the right thing to do is just get out the ol' credit card and click... click... click!
Happiness [mine] is just a mere click away!
It's one of my fave stories of all time.
Do I need a better sales pitch than my own happiness, friends?


Anonymous said...

You WOULD look good in this thing! By the way, it was one of my 25 purchased books on Friday.

Total spent, $53.50.

Vive le book fair de R.P.P.S!!


Cipriano said...

That's crazy!
No, not that I would look good in that shirt, but the fact that I also spent pretty much exactly that much on books, Friday. Like I think it actually WAS $53.
Happy reading to you.