Friday, September 21, 2012

Splash du Jour: Friday

Fiction and nonfiction are not so easily divided. Fiction may not be real, but it's true; it goes beyond the garland of facts to get to emotional and psychological truths. As for nonfiction, for history, it may be real, but its truth is slippery, hard to access, with no fixed meaning bolted to it. If history doesn't become story, it dies to everyone except the historian.
-- Yann Martel, Beatrice & Virgil --

Have a great Friday!


Sam said...

Great quote...and great, shocking book. I'm surprised this book did not make a bigger splash than it did. It has a message and delivers it in a way that history books cannot match.

Cipriano said...

Sam, I agree.
In fact, I sort of liked Beatrice & Virgil moreso even than Life of Pi, which made Martel so well-known.