Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

A lot of the people who read a bestselling novel, for example, do not read much other fiction. By contrast, the audience for an obscure novel is largely composed of people who read a lot. That means the least popular books are judged by people who have the highest standards, while the most popular are judged by people who literally do not know any better. An American who read just one book this year was disproportionately likely to have read ‘The Lost Symbol’, by Dan Brown. He almost certainly liked it.
-- The Economist --

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Anonymous said...

Oh how true! But, of course, that doesn't mean that a popular book is inferior just because they are read by many people who don't read much else. I read extensively myself but also belong to that sad group of people who adore Harry Potter! I doubt the Shades of Grey books will find their way onto my literary shopping list though.