Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

-- Letterman's Top 10 --
Top 10 Signs You're A Lame Spy

10. You fear heights, loud noises, air travel, and enclosed spaces.
9. You insist on wearing a cape.
8. By day, you work at a hardware store; 

by night, you work another shift at the hardware store.
7. Everyone knows you can't swim.
6. Your only gadget: Cufflinks that shoot smaller cufflinks.
5. E-mail address is
4. 10 p.m., enter foreign country. 10:05 p.m., executed for espionage.
3. Insist on being paid in hugs.
2. Ex-girlfriends call you "003 1/2".
1. Only have a learner's permit to kill.

Have a great Wednesday!

1 comment:

Alyce said...

#5 made me think of my husband's uncle - his and his wife's cars have license plates that say "MR 007" and "MRS 007." :)