Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation Time -- FINALLY!

Hi, Everyone.
Well, tomorrow will kick in a week of much-needed holidays for me. No work.
Am I excited about this?
I'm already in full-swing with it as I am hosting my sister and her husband here at my place. This is something very unusual for me -- having people at MY place.
Even Kennedy [my cat] is a bit confused!
So… I'm being the Tour Guide in my lovely city. Last night we sat in the grass on the front lawn of Parliament Hill and watched the light show display on the buildings. It was FANTASTIC -- really impressive. It's a 40-minute audio-visual display that traces Canada's history -- I can't believe I've lived here this long and have never seen this nightly event myself.
It is so well-done. It made me truly proud to be a Canadian.
Tomorrow we're off to see a Blue Jays game in Toronto and whether they win or lose [against Los Angeles] the most important thing will be this:

Here is a brief clip of the "Mosaika" presentation on The Hill. 

It had the three of us singing Oh Canada by the end of it, in a moment of "true patriot love." 


Sim Carter said...

OH NO! If you're on vacation you will not want to accept the Liebster Award I've just nominated you for - oh well, enjoy the vaycay - you deserve it.
btw, the Liebster Award stuff is at this post on my blog.

Cipriano said...

Thank you, Sim. I will get to this, soon!

Stefanie said...

What! What an amazing light show! And they do it every night? Why haven't you been before? ;) Have a fantastic and well-deserved vacation!