Sunday, December 29, 2013

Favorite Reads of 2013

Well, as 2013 comes to a close I must confess that this was not a prolific year when it comes to reading, for me. I usually hover around 50 books or so, but this past year I only read 36, a total of 12,960 pages. I marvel at some other bloggers out there that are reading upwards of 100 or 150 books per year. I wish I could do this, I really do. But I am actually a very slow reader when it comes down to it, and especially through the first half of 2013 I found myself quite busy with other activities. At any rate, I gave it some thought and came up with a list of five books I really enjoyed -- books that thoroughly captivated my attention, throughout the year.
Here they are, listed only in the order in which they were read:

1) Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters.
2) The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco.
3) Cutting For Stone, by Abraham Verghese.
4) The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt.
5) The Sisters Brothers, by Patrick DeWitt.

There are so many other books I read that were excellent, but these above were top-notch. Fingersmith for its ingenious twists and turns. The Name of the Rose for its deep brooding mystery and intellectual appeal. Cutting For Stone for its depth, its range, and attention to detail. The Goldfinch for the way the author couches such timeless themes in a thoroughly modern tale. And The Sisters Brothers for its unique blend of wild-west craziness, lawlessness, and [yet] thoughtfulness.
I'm currently reading The Circle, by Dave Eggers. A book that seems, were I to finish it in the next two days [which I probably won't] would surely displace one of these five, it's so good, so far.
Happy Reading to you all in 2014!



Danielle said...

Okay, so now I feel a little guilty about complaining (as I work on tomorrow's post) of not having read as many books as previous years. While I have never broken the 100 book mark, I still managed to do pretty well all in all. So greedy am I with books....I am happy to see Fingersmith on your list--it is one of my all time favorites. And I am going to read The Sisters Brothers next year...I am just waiting for my copy to come in the mail. I'm quite excited about it now. I have the Tartt, too, and am happy to see you liked it--I have heard mixed things, but I think it's something I am going to like, too! Happy New Year and hope 2014 is filled with lots of great reading!

Melwyk said...

Some great reads on your top 5 list! I'm one of those fast readers, but I'm not sure that I would have any more outstanding reads than you do this year... I'm hoping to find some gems in 2014. Happy New Year to you!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Oh yes, I remember the joy I felt reading such a book as good as Fingersmith! :--)

Happy Holidays and have a great new year!!!

Stefanie said...

A good year! The page count is really impressive. And what matter the number of books as long as they were good and you enjoyed them? I am looking forward to reading Goldfinch. I am waiting for the paperback so I don't throw my back out with the hardcover! I look forward to your thoughts on The Circle. I am in the long hold queue for it at the library and eagerly awaiting my turn. Happy New Year Cip and may 2014 be a great year for you!