Friday, April 04, 2014

Gordon Downie of "The Hip"

All day long at work, I've been singing various Tragically Hip songs in my head, and sometimes out loud. They are one of my favourite musical groups, and good ol' Ontario boys, to boot.
I find their lyrics so nutty and compelling, even though half the time they do not make a lot of sense.
But after all, Gordon Downie, the lead singer featured in the video clip below, is a well-recognized and thoroughly published poet. And we all know that poets are always a bit nutty! 

[Note: He is not the polar bear, he's the other guy.]
For sure, they are a band I never tire of listening to.
I think I fell for The Tragically Hip when they performed for the Queen of England in one of the Olympic ceremonies, and forgive me, I forget the exact year. But there she was, the QUEEN…… like of ENGLAND, and Gordon Downie did not change his style one bit for Her Majesty. He was certifiably… insane!
Every so often the camera would cut to Queen Elizabeth, and you could tell she was thinking…. "Is this what our Commonwealth has come to?" and/or "Is there any way we can remove Canada from it?"
It was awesome. I've been a fan ever since.
I say all of this to say, you know -- I already own all of their music, so if you've been wondering what to get me for my birthday, or for Christmas or whatever, you could always click on the three words of the title, and get me his book of poetry called Coke Machine Glow.


Anonymous said...

Good song, but wheatkings or boots n hearts are still my favorites!!


Cipriano said...

Good point, K. Those are great songs, too, for sure.
One of my real faves is Looking For A Place To Happen.