Friday, June 20, 2014

For The Love of Cats

I love cats. Always have done so. Dogs are nice, too -- but cats are more… catlike.
I love cats. And seriously, how could I not love cats, when mine is so gorgeous?
Every morning when I tie up my boots to go off to my Daily Torture… I mean, work -- he scuttles over from his observation point and grabs the end of the laces and tries to eat them. This amounts to Reason #3 that I am always late for work.
And I have to give him his treats, [Temptations] or he will not let me out the door. 

It's only after a few of those crispy nuggets that he tells me where he hid the car keys!
Then I think he singlepawedly fulfills my own fantasy and sleeps all day.
What's not to love about that?
If you are a cat lover, you must take the next three minutes and watch this videoclip, below.
Then, if you don't yet have a cat -- you must go out and get one.


Jeane said...

Ha ha- I know the voice in that video! I swear it's the same guy who does all the "true facts about- [insert animal species name]" on youtube. They're great.

Unknown said...

Yup. Funniest was True Fact About the Sea Pig.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! LOVED this!

Stefanie said...

I am slowly converting my husband into a cat person and though he refuses to completely give up on dogs, he now readily admits that cats are pretty alright. Except at 4:30 this morning when Waldo sat under our bed yowling for no apparent reason.

Anonymous said...

My Dad sent me that video! I have two cats, who are adorable.

Isabella K said...

The Curtain of Invisibility! Love it!

You've seen this, in the same series?