Sunday, January 25, 2015

Going For Gold

I really liked the last book I read and wanted to recommend it to my readers, even though I may be one of the last people on earth to have discovered Chris Cleave's work. Which is to say, you've maybe already read Gold. Or Little Bee. Or Incendiary. His books sell like hotcakes, and he is the kind of author who enjoys a word-of-mouth cult following. There's a light, humorous way he gets his serious message across that tends to lend itself to the idea that all your friends should read the book, too. 
That is at least how I felt, and feel, about Gold.
It's about Olympic-level cycling.
No it isn't.
He just uses the phenomenon of Olympic competition to tell the deeper story of how love is really the prize in life everyone strives hardest to achieve and maintain.
It just runs deeper, love does.
It's a brilliant book that makes one realize that a medal, even a gold one, is in the end, well… metal. The true desire to care for other human beings is the lifeblood that makes us who we are.
Rather than go on about it, I will include here a clip of the author himself, explaining the gist of his book. If you haven't read it yet keep your eye open for it in your travels. The book accelerates, the last half better than the first -- like a good race. And the final 75 pages will have your heart pumping as if you yourself were pushing past the wall of physical and emotional endurance in the bright lights of the velodrome.


Sam said...

I really liked "Gold," but for some reason have never felt the urge to find his other books. I pretty much stumbled upon "Gold" when I found it discounted in my local grocery store, of all places (do groceries sell books in Canada?). It was quite a love triangle they had going, and the story was really intense at times...especially, as you say, as it neared its conclusion. I may just hunt that first book of his up sometime this year...

Stefanie said...

I've not heard of author or book but your description is intriguing! I just might have to find a way to fit this one onto my reading pile sometime.