Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Proof's In The "Ice"

Remember when Alice Munro said she was retiring?
As in, never going to write none more?
She was LYING!
She’s got to be one of the world’s greatest [of all time] short story writers.
I think I’ve read about eight or nine hundred of her stories.

A new collection, entitled Too Much Happiness is soon to be released.
Ten new Munrovian stories. ClickHERE.
Tonight’s topic involves autographs!
The ever-living controversy as to whether my own mysteriously signed “Selected Stories” contains an actual authentic Alice Munro signature.
The full story can be found HERE.
So, to recap, a lot of people emailed me at that time, saying that this signature [shown above] in my book is not authentic.
Well, since then, in fact it was last night, I happened across yet another image.

OK, that signature was proxy-written by Alice Munro using the Margaret Atwood LongPen© System.
Now let’s be serious.
When you compare this autograph with the one in my own book, it’s obvious that I have an original over here.
Admittedly, anyone could forge that rounded-out “A” or the sort of wonky “M” or “nr”… but for me, the proof’s in the “ice” part.
How do you duplicate that?
It’s just not possible to be that... counterfeity.
I’ve got an original over here.
End of discussion.
If you want to argue about this, I must refer you to the title of Munro’s fourth book, from way back in 1978…
Who Do You Think You Are?


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