Friday, August 21, 2009

The Sawyer Antidote

Sometimes when I am feeling [what is the word]..... angsty?
Unsure? That's not quite right either -- umm, unsettled?
Sometimes when I feel this way, it is only a "children's book" that can bring me out of the doldrums.
I'm not kidding.
And so, the past few days, as I have read [for the first time, believe it or not] Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, I feel I have come around to actually NOT wanting to run out into the street and attack a slow-moving bus with my head!
There's just something about it.
Children's books, I mean.
When I read one, I could jump a fence!

I love them. They remind me that taking the adult-world a bit less seriously from time to time is not only OK, but it is downright essential.
Try it.
Are you feeling at all like you've been prematurely buried? Like someone is throwing dirt on the box and you're inside there saying "HEY! I'M FRIGGING ALIVE OVER HERE!"
Try reading The Wind In The Willows or something.
Or any of the [supremely excellent] William Horwood sequels.
Try some of Moley's sloeberry wine.
It will knock you right the hell out of your doldrums, trust me!
It'll learn ya what's what, and what's whatnot.

And then, when you're all better, flick on some terrific Canadian music!

Exit the warrior, today's Tom Sawyer,
he gets high on you.
And the energy you trade,
he gets right on to the friction of the day!


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Beth said...

There's definitely comfort and joy to be had re-reading beloved childhood books. Added bonus - you're able to recapture (some) of that sense of wonder.