Thursday, August 20, 2009

Say Something Civil

"What do you even mean by saying that Bookpuddle is 'real boring' lately!
Do you not know that the creator of Bookpuddle is going through
a very stressful time right now?
His H-A 12-Step Recovery Support network [Hamburgers Anonymous]
has pretty much given up on him.
His breast-reduction surgery has backfired.
The poor man is
wallowing in Old Milwaukee!
Now go to your room Hubert, and don't you come out of there
until you can say something
civil, about this poor,
dear, dear man.
This Cipriano of ours."


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Something civil.... something civil.... This is a tough one! Do we get a prize if we come up with something?

Beth said...

A pox on Hubert.
From my POV you are a gentleman (??), a scholar and so innovative (Stickies - be gone!).
As for the hamburger addiction, I think you should just learn to accept – and grow – with it.

Anonymous said...

I realise this may only make the problem worse but....have you tried The Works? It's hamburger heaven in there. Try it. At least it might help you get over Burger King and all those other crappy places. You'll only crave the real deal, not some fatty impostor-ish hamburgers.