Monday, September 21, 2009

Splash du Jour: Monday

I made my blog strong, I made it with my hands, fitted the joists and the beams and the floorboards neat, planed the crooked surfaces, sanded the knots where there were knots and varnished the sanded knots until a blind man couldn't tell you their location. It was a fine labor of many days and it stands, my blog, by the salty beseeching sea, a stone's throw from where the searching tidal claws at their highest point mark the sand. My blog is an outpost on forever.
-- from The Dreaming Jaw, The Salivating Ear, a short story by Jonathem Lethem, in the current Harpers magazine --

Have a great Monday!

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dani said...

I just *love* this statement! Thank you! I found your blog via comments at Stefanie's. I can see through your substantial archives that your blog is probably a very good representation of the sentiment represented in Lethem's story. How inspiring!