Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why I Am Depressed

Well, in Why I Am Depressed news, last night my favorite rock and roll band of all time had a show right here in my city, and I missed it.
While the stage at Scotiabank Place was shaking with the opening rumblings of Runaway Train, I was sitting at a Starbucks reading Saul Bellow.
That's dedication [to fine literature] folks!

Right now as I type this, I am playing one of AC/DC's more mature pieces on my iTunes.
Of course I'm referring to Caught With Your Pants Down.
And just last week my #2 favorite band, Tool, was playing just a couple hours drive from here, in Kingston.
Was I at that show?
[Cipriano.... don't tell me. You were at Starbucks again?]
I guess you could say that for me,
AC/DC currently stands for Always Constantly Drinking Coffee!


Shark said...

So why didn't you just go to the shows? I've never heard of Angus and co. saluting those about to drink designer coffee...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shark. You should have gone.

Music is therapeutic.

When I am depressed, I play classical music on the piano. (Very badly, I might add!)

Last night I played my way through three music books of it. Even the cats eventually went down to the basement.
I don't know Tool, but they must be good the way you talk about them here.

Go. Go next time.
And then write and tell us all about it as only cipriano can do.

I love this and the Poetrypudde blog. They are the only ones I read.

- Cass

kingmonkey said...

Tool? Seriously?

AC/DC I can get behind, but Tool always struck me as being the most pandering type of new-metal.

(WV: fazat... a good name for a heavy metal band?)